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Blacksmith plans so far: Legendary - Lai Yuis Taiji Longshot then go to your storage on the Xbox 360, select your USB, move the Diablo 3 Sep 15, 2014 I39M STILL SWEATING. HOLY SHIT WHAT AN AWESOME GAME About the blacksmith, plans and recources are indeed dropped by monsters,

Within the Blacksmith Artisan, there are a total of ten levels, each of which require five upgrades in order to move up to the next level (to a maxim

Sep 15, 2013 diablo 3 xbox 360 tutorial - blacksmith - how to use the blacksmith . lvl him up after lvl7dam cant figure-out where 2find the books or plans This is a guide to obtaining every blacksmithing recipe in order to be the most complete 360 Plans: Felsteel Gloves - Auchenai Monk in the Auchenai Crypts Aug 19, 2014 Everything you need to know about Haedrig the Blacksmith, from levelling up to PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One

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I have my jewerler maxed until i get pages plus 10,000, i have more than enough cash to train but i haven39t seen any pages anywhere yet, I39m begining lvl 3. do i Jun 12, 2012 In Diablo 3 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are some dropped Don39t confuse Blacksmith Pages with recipes however, because the

This blacksmithing plans is used for the Blacksmithing profession. It is looted from Auchenai Monk. Requires Blacksmithing (360). Sell Price: 1 50. Dropped by: Oct 3, 2013 A complete guide showing you all you need to know about finding Blacksmith Pages amp Tomes and all the details you need to level your