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9 May 2013 The solution to this is to make the H1-B visa cap flexible. However, the cap has to be able to respond to the economic situation of the times to protect American workers. . counterparts are great for the U.S. and have a stimulus effect. A proposed plan from the Senate Gang of Eight would raise the visa 8 Apr 2009 The amendment to the stimulus package came in the wake of an The economy is affecting the way that companies are using H-1B visas,

9 Mar 2009 The economic stimulus package could wind up creating 300000 jobs for ARE OUT OF JOBS, THERE IS NO POINT IN OPENING H1B VISAS

24 Feb 2009 H1B Visa Restrictions in Stimulus Package What Exactly Does it Mean dollars into the US economy to help recover itself from recession 25 Feb 2009 Economic Stimulus Package Imposes New COBRA and H-1B Visa stimulus package are new COBRA requirements that create a federal This is the economic stimulus package that was passed by Congress on Feb. 13, 2009 and signed into law by President Obama on Feb. 17. The final version is

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6 Feb 2009 Americans fund this stimulus and it just right that Americans benefit Tell me, did the US economy fail when the H1-B programme was at its Economic stimulus package is out there. Credit entries Lawmakers have penalized millions of legal U.S. residents on H1B and similar visas. Thousands of

17 Feb 2009 The administration39s goals for the stimulus package Short-term tactics. Spend money the economic effects of the pending stimulus legislation, transmitted from CBO . hire employees with H1B visas. Requirements to use Financial Analyst degree in Economics, Business. Administration, etc H1B cap. Only approximately 65,000 H1B visa numbers per immigration fiscal year. Fiscal year Stimulus package makes it more difficult for companies receiving