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More Marketing Wars: Lantus vs. Levemir. By AmyT on July 5, 2006. Another . And it costs 4x as much (400 for 3 mos vs 100). Drug cos get rich, patient gets Jul 17, 2007 Its either pay bills to keep the lights on or buy their 500mo of meds. I dont know what a bottle of levemir costs but I asked about lantus and

Mar 3, 2009 Insulin nomenclature is clearly confusing. Among other reasons: The same product may have several different names the names may be

Which analog is more cost-effective Insulin detemir or insulin glargine I get my insulin from my Endocrinologist at no cost. She started me on Levemir as soon as I came off the pump in January, but this past visit she gave me Levemir Therefore, understand that these recommendations are based on cost To switch from Lantus or Levemir to Novolin N insulin can be difficult but in general, this

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My hospital is considering using Levemir rather than Lantus. Re: Lantus vs. Levemir. Hi Roxanne My answer does not fit into any of the categories you offered. . we are seriously looking at the cost savings from swtiching Lantus to Levemir OBJECTIVE: A one-year cost analysis comparing basal insulin analogues glargine (IG, Lantus) versus detemir (ID, Levemir) in combination with oral antidiabetic

Jul 26, 2012 Why do we like Lantus and Levemir over NPH insulin . used Levemir amp will probably continue to use it due to cost savings for the time being, Oct 24, 2013 News reports indicate that the cost of Lantus, a top-selling insulin produced .. Now, on Obama Care he is on Levemir vs Novolin because the