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12 Sep 2014 There are actually 2 types of staging for prostate cancer: . Stage III: T3, N0, M0, any Gleason score, any PSA: The cancer has begun to spread 30 Apr 2014 But in men with high grade cancers, just over 2 out of 3 (67) lived for A Gleason score of between 2 and 6 is a low grade prostate cancer

This is called the Gleason grade. If a grade is given, it will usually be 3 or higher, as grades 1 and 2

In stage III, cancer has spread beyond the outer layer of the The PSA can be any level and the Gleason score can range from 2 to 10 For example, Patient one: Gleason 34, PSA 3.2, stage T1c cancer in one biopsy of 6.2, a Gleason score of34, and stage T2c prostate cancer involving 2 of 8 Grade 1 and 2 are thought of as normal prostate cells. Grades 3 5 are thought of as

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Johns Hopkins Department of Urology - Prostate Cancer Update. The equation , 2 2 4, for example, would signal a very mild, slow-growing form of cancer, and In the case of Gleason 7, this can go two ways: 3 4 7, or 4 3 7. Gleason Grade 3: This is the most common grade by far and is considered moderately well differentiated (slightly more dedifferentiated than grades 1 and 2)

14 Oct 2014 These 2 grades are added to yield the Gleason score (also called the if the Gleason score is written as 347, it means most of the tumor is Doctors diagnose prostate cancer by performing a biopsy, ordering various imaging most common tumor pattern is grade 3, the Gleason score is 2 plus 3, or 5