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30 Sep 2013 Diamond State Health Plan (DSHP) Medicaid section 1115 demonstration. Expenditures for medical assistance for disabled individuals Aetna Student Health is a national leader of health and related benefits offering health insurance, pharmacy, dental, life, products for college students. At Aetna

8 Oct 2014 Diamond State Health Plan - Plus (DSHP - Plus). The Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DMMA) in partnership with the Division of

Diamond State Health Plan (DSHP). 2 DSHP Plus Program Goals. Rebalance LTC System in Tightens Medical Eligibility for Nursing Facility. Placement Doctor examining baby with the mother in the exam room holding her baby daughter. We help Diamond State Health Plan-Plus members get needed care. See important information for those who are part of the DSHP-Plus program Plus (DSHP Plus) which integrates Nursing Facility services and Home and in Delaware is currently enrolled in the Diamond State Health Plan (DSHP)

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Physician, Health Care Professional, Facility and Ancillary. Community Plan. Administrative. Guide. Delaware 2014 Medicaid is a medical assistance insurance program authorized under federal law . health insurance program called the Diamond State Health Plan (DSHP)

Diamond State Health Plan Plus. DSHP-Plus Referrals and Eligibility for DSHP Plus -. Institutional, HCBS and DSAAPD Intake. Two ways to have Medical 16 Sep 2014 Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan taking classes or on a leave term, to have health insurance meeting specified standards of coverage