Congress enrolled in health plan

20 Feb 2014 More than two-thirds of people who have enrolled through D.C.39s new health exchange work for Congress 9 Dec 2013 Top congressional leaders are joining a new District-run health-care exchange are enrolled in state government employee health-care plans

The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program is a system of the Congress modified the Executive Branch proposal and all existing plans were health plans are available to employees during an open enrollment period,

Care Act that require the enrollment of Members of Congress and official staff into coverage from health plans created under the Act or coverage offered via an The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Some plans limit enrollment to certain employee groups 18 Feb 2014 Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress however, if they enroll in a health plan offered through a small business health options

than 12000 congressional staffers have enrolled in health plans

To continue to receive your employer contribution, Members of Congress and enroll in a health plan through DC Health Link no later than December 9th Eligible for FEHB Losing amp Ineligible for FEHB Members of CongressStaff However, the employee must be enrolled in an FEHB health plan on the date of

Kaiser Permanente Congressional Health Insurance Plans. Enrollment Book for. Members of Congress and designated staff 1 Dec 2013 For Congress, healthcare plans remain a notch above plan took effect, members would give up their platinum health benefits and enroll in