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20 Jun 2013 Sometimes the price of cancer treatment is a loss of intimacy, writes Susan Gubar Sexual Intimacy After Cancer. When cancer interferes with sex, it can create a lot of distress. Despite the many types of cancer and cancer treatments, most

25 Sep 2013 Being diagnosed with breast cancer and having treatment will almost certainly affect how you feel about sex and intimacy. You may not feel like

tips for maintaining intimacy even when cancer and cancer treatment threaten that in your relationship Cancer can affect sexuality and intimacy both physically and emotionally. Addressing changes and challenges early may help partners to adjust more easily 2 Apr 2010 For cancer patients, sexual dysfunction is often a long-term side effect of treatment, and can have a significant impact on quality of life. To better

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At times, side effects from cancer treatments and the stress of the cancer experience can lead to sexuality and intimacy issues with a partner or loved one Many women find sex and intimacy difficult after a breast cancer diagnosis 92-94 . A serious illness in either partner can disrupt a sexual and intimate

Sexual activity can sometimes be challenging for cancer patients and their partners. Find answers to common questions about sexual intimacy during cancer WebMD looks at a sensitive topic for breast cancer patients: sex and intimacy. Discover ways you can keep intimacy alive even though you39re dealing with breast