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In Washington, the only legal vole or gopher trapping devices are common rat and mouse traps or . chlorophacinone, warfarin. Available for purchase and use without an applicator license. .. Figure 18. Gopher probe in burrow. Photo I use the gopher gassers whenever I see they are in a certain run. Then I dig a hole between them (using a probe to find the tunnel), put a trap in each tunnel(I use a .. Has anyone tried the gel poison with warfarin in it

1 Mar 1992 Sources of gopher machines, reservoir-type baiting probes, and traps are . Warfarin was registered in California for gopher control about

Learn the four best options to kill gophers, not counting my cat Get over The probe will push down quickly for two inches when you enter the tunnel. Then dig Rats and Mice Bats Moles Pocket Gophers Voles Ground Squirrels . Baits containing Warfarin were the most popular of the rodenticides for many years and are . away from the mound using a steel rod or long screwdriver as a probe Keep in mind that the best mole traps differ from those for pocket gophers very next to a fresh mound with a pointed stick, slender metal rod, or gopher probe. One example is a new gel-type warfarin anticoagulant bait (Kaput Mole Gel Bait

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20 May 2010 First-generation anticoagulants (including warfarin, diphacinone, and . In one case, a second pocket gopher, invading the burrow of a Metal probes may be used to locate tunnels, which are then opened using shovels members of the rodent family and pocket gopher damage is often . These are either in the form of a 39gel39 ( warfarin based Kaput Mole Gel bait ) or an with a pointed stick, slender metal rod or a standard gopher probe see illustration

also called a pocket gopher, is a burrowing rodent that ranges from 6- 12 inches Probe the soil 8-10 inches away from the tunnel entrance on the unfanned side of the Anticoagulants such as warfarin are registered for gopher control when If you feel your probe descend 2-3 feet into the soil then you have gophers. Anticoagulants such as warfarin are less toxic on non-target organisms, but are still