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An antibiotic is an agent that kills microorganism. The term antibiotic was first used in 1942 by Selman Waksman and his collaborators in journal articles to describe

You May Also Like. Topical Antibiotics for Cats. Antibiotics for Cats Without a Prescription. Antibiotics for Cats Without a Prescription. To many cat owners, 12182013018332A: Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in some way that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed A urinary tract infection, also called UTI, is a bacterial infection that affects the urine. Although urine contains many proteins, it does not generally contain

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952014018332Get SmartRead The Chart 1 page to know which common illnesses are usually viral or bacterial and when antibiotics are necessary. Antibiotics cure Antibiotic resistance is a form of drug resistance where bacteria are able to survive after exposure to one or more antibiotics. Bacteria that are resistant to

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