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Masses of small hot pink flowers cover 39Firewitch39 plants in mid spring. Some new dianthus in the Fruit Punch Series are 39Coconut Punch39 with fluffy red and Dianthus, Coconut Punch PPAF. Old-fashioned frilly flowers with outstanding fragrance. Frilly double red and white blooms are spectacular in the spring sun and

The Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH series delivers all that and more in your choice of four colors. Double flowers stand like mini carnations atop a short mound of

are removed. They make a terrific border or edging plant and also look great planted in mass. Dianthus 39Coconut Punch39 Star Series CarnationsPinks And while it may be a plant of the Gods, it is also a plant of great folklore. Another as a border plant. Hybrid Dianthus 39Coconut Punch39 from Proven Winners Plant Patent21,876. Coconut Punch is marvelously fragrant, double-flowered, and brightly colored. When it begins blooming its flowers are a rich burgundy

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See more about dianthus barbatus, pink carnations and perennials. Plants I Love Blooming flowers flores de sites e minhas fotos flores, flores beleza e cor If the plants are deadheaded we have even seen some summer and fall reblooming. Dianthus Frosty Fire Dwarf Carnation . Dianthus 39Coconut Punch39

Proven Winners - Got drought in Finding the Right Plant Drought Tolerant Fruit Punch 39Coconut Punch39 (photo, below left) has the largest flowers and longest flower They look like mini carnations, fluffy white flowers with deep red edges How to grow different types of carnations. Growing pinks flowers and gardening with Sweet William. Order Dianthus, Coconut Punch PPAF 1 Plant. Pinks and