Cell phone usage and brain cancer

13 Nov 2014 Long-term use of both mobile and cordless phones is associated with an increased risk for glioma, the most common type of brain tumor, the 25 Jul 2014 It found no link between use of mobile phones and brain tumours or 18 Case- control study on the use of cellular and cordless telephones

4 days ago Several dozen studies have looked at possible links between cell phone use and tumors. Most of these studies have focused on brain tumors

The highest-quality research data available suggests that long-term exposure to microwaves from cellular phones may lead to an increased risk of brain tumors, 13 May 2014 People who use mobile phones intensively appear to have a higher risk of developing certain types of brain cancer, French scientists have said 12 Nov 2014 A study has found that cell phone usage may be linked to a higher risk of developing glioma, a type of brain tumor that is often deadly

Long-term Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumor Risk - Medscape

Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues of the head or neck. More research is 13 May 2014 In 2011, a study for the Institute of Cancer Research found no convincing evidence of a link between cellphone use and brain tumors, but did

12 Nov 2014 The link between cell phones and brain cancer could ring true after all. Swedes who talked on cell or cordless phones for more than 25 years The primary concern with cellphones and cancer seems to be the development of brain tumors associated with cellphone use. Some research suggests a slight