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Many of us (including me) pick a cellphone plan, then never check to see if it39s the .. I39m getting 12 off thanks to an employer discount, and when I asked, they 14 Jan 2013 Barry pays for three phones his iPhone, Reagan39s iPhone and a basic plan with 6GB of data a month and adding a corporate discount, Barry will It39s not just for corporate workers teachers, government workers and

When you contact the representative identify yourself as an employee of Teachers College. The discounts are for new and current cell phone plans. If you have

Exclusive Savings on ATampT Wireless Phones and Services exclusive ATampT offers and discounts on your wireless bill through your employer or school. offers and sales, discounts on qualified wireless charges, and exclusive package deals 19 Jul 2010 One nice discovery from my cell phone free agency process was to find out that teachers get monthly discounts on their cell phone plans 2 Aug 2011 Google Consumer Cellular no frills service cheap plans. his cell plan simply because as a teacher, he is employed by the county and they

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29 Dec 2011 If you are a teacher or school employee, you can39t afford to overlook the teacher discounts available to you on your cellular plan Discover Verizon Wireless employee discounts by validating your employment in just a few easy steps. Join the Discounts apply to eligible plans and features

31 Dec 2009 Just about every major cell phone provider has discount for large corporations or groups New phones and calling plans for you or your family 11 Jul 2014 If you39re looking for a new phone, we keep track of cell phone deals, too And remember, you don39t have to buy your phone directly from your