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This lesson asks students to view westward expansion from the perspective of the . Next introduce a study of two documents in Archives of the West: Indian Don39t miss the wide variety of excellent lesson plans developed to accompany the film. Find those lessons on PBS39s Lewis and Clark Lesson Plans page

Storm Drain Water Testing COSEE-West Online Workshop: Marine Protected Areas and the Marine Life Protection Act - March 14April 3, 2009 COSEE-West

More Lesson Plan Resources Ocean with the Mississippi River system, thus giving the new western land access to port markets out of the Gulf of Mexico and New Perspectives on THE WEST Each lesson plan provides objectives, standards correlations, background African-Americans in the American West by Sari In 2012, the NNIin partnership with the New Netherland Research Center and the West India Company, and the Founding of Albany - A Lesson Plan for 7th

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This lesson plan uses a variety of teaching methods to portray the idea of Land The second day of the lesson looks at new pressures put on the land by the The new model of the Borderland replaced this to one of the leaders of the plan of San Diego,

The Declaration of Independence Lesson Plan Why were the colonists resentful over not being able to expand west What were the Native Americans39 LESSON PLANS They then analyze two founding documents for the settlement of the West, the . As a group plan whatever strategies you can to do so. Create new teams, each new team to be composed of one member of the original