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Catboat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Sail -plan of a catboat. Catboats with Bermuda rig. A catboat (alternate spelling: cat 14 May 2009 CATBOAT GUIDE and SAILING MANUAL DOCKING OUTBOARD-POWERED SMALL SAILBOATS . PICNIC CAT SAIL DIMENSIONS

TRI TRAINER - 1039 10 Flat-Bottom Sailing Skiff. TINA - 1139 Flat-Bottom NINA - 1139 4 Flat-Bottom Catboat LITTLE PETER - 1239 2 Rowing And Sailing Punt

A 2539 Cape Cod catboat for wood construction The sail plan spreads good area for light weather and has three deep reefs so she can be shortened down for a The catboat has taken several years in the building as more urgent work kept being . Carefully plan out the route for the sail controls in advance to get a good A proven east coast 2239 catboat design for wood construction With a sail area displacement ratio of over 18 the CAPE COD will move along nicely in any

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A. A catboat is a boat traditionally fitted with a gaff-rigged sail on a single mast A. Most catboats that follow a traditional sail design, like the Cape Cod Cats This is the best rig in the world for the beginner in sail, and, may I add, a handy sail plan for the experienced sailor-man as well. A cat boat of an older day carried

It39s a Devlin design, here is the boat on Devlin39s site. The boat has a dodger I am an absolute newbie when it comes to sailing. I can get the 26 Jan 2013 Ken Lander39s and his homebuilt Catboat using Phil Bolger plans