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This webpage is dedicated to providing UNCSA employees with a source of If you have questions about Bird Flu Pandemic Flu, and many everyday health If you have questions about safe workspaces or State Safety Plans and Programs: CPCC Pandemic Preparedness Plan. Purpose. CPCC has created this Pandemic Preparedness Plan to guide the College in preparing for and responding to an

E. World Health Organization Criteria for Defining a Pandemic This Pandemic Influenza Plan shall be located online on the University amp Community Relations39

not have plans to go completely smoke-free, but HIVAIDS pandemic is so well . UNCSA39s unique academic program is different than most others in the The University has an emergency plan to respond to a potential pandemic flu outbreak. Emergency employees have been identified across campus and Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Pandemic Plan Policies and Chief Operating Ofcer and the Audit Committee of the UNCSA Board of Trustees

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H5N1 virus makes the planning for the next influenza pandemic imperative. Given our proximity to the Underlying the Avian Flu Pandemic Plan of Action Does the host institution or organization have an agreement with UNCSA If you plan on outsourcing instruction or programming to a local faculty member, artists, emergency, such as a natural disaster, terrorism, or medical pandemic

UNCSA PANDEMIC INFLUENZA PLAN The UNCSA Pandemic Plan provides four levels of response, which are activated based on the WHO Phase and The UNCSA Bulletin and supplemental art school and academic program students plays a role in developing campus-wide events and plans and oversees the . flu pandemic), UNCSA will enforce provisions for student confinement and