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11 Jun 2012 Here39s how to get the most from your blood pressure readings. Likewise, a difference in blood pressure when you39re lying down vs. standing 22 Sep 2013 My blood pressure readings differ a lot when I read them while seated and while I lay down on a bed. I tie the strap in both cases to my left

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure (BP) is important in preventing cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke, and measuring BP is a key step in

Viewer Question: To what extent do blood pressure measurements vary depending on position, i.e., sitting, standing, or lying down Also, if the arm is allowed to 16 Aug 2013 Diastolic blood pressure represents the force of the blood as the type of low blood pressure that occurs when you stand up after lying down or sitting. If the patient raises her arm above heart level, it results in low readings Have your blood pressure taken while laying down, standing and sitting. Readings may elevate as your change positions, a sign of weak adrenal glands rather

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26 May 2013 The heart is a pump. It takes less effort to pump blood to your brain when you are lying down because your head is about the same level as This may happen when you go from a sitting or lying position to a standing position. It is important to write down the blood pressure reading each time it is

16 Aug 2013 Blood pressure can vary slightly depending on your position. Systolic pressure is listed over diastolic pressure to give readings such as If your blood pressure drops drastically when you stand up after lying down or sitting Orthostatic hypotension is a sharp drop in blood pressure that happens when a mm Hg) in systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading), Normally, when a person rises from lying down or sitting, the blood vessels